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Posts Tagged ‘ Fat Loss ’

Can Hiring a Trainer Help With Results?

April 8, 2011

“Supervised exercise versus non-supervised exercise for reducing weight in obese adults” Nicolai SP et al/ Journal Sports Med Physical Fitness. 2009 Mar;49 (1): 85-90. This research study looked at the effects of training with supervision/instruction (ie a qualified trainer) versus “advice”. Two groups – Group one met a trainer twice a week for 4...
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To Run or Not to Run?

February 8, 2011
To Run or Not to Run?

A member of the gym recently asked me why I am so anti- running.  I agreed that I could see why she had this perception.  Breakthrough Fitness core value #9- Be open-minded.  I explained that I am all for running, if you enjoy it, and when you do it, you are pain-free. In my...
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Magic Fat-Loss Machine

November 16, 2010

If I had a magic fat-loss machine that you stepped into and pushed a button and you came out looking exactly how you’ve always dreamed of looking and feeling: the exact dress size or pant size, at the body fat percentage you want, flat abs, legs for days…would you be interested? Of course you...
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The Process

November 9, 2010
The Process

We all have are reasons to exercise. We all are looking for a particular result or outcome. The problem I find is we focus on the outcome when we need to focus on the process. To focus on the process means focusing on your training as a whole rather each individual workout. Let’s say...
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