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Posts Tagged ‘ Dominic Persampiere ’

Oviedo Elections – No Contest

September 9, 2011
Listen to this feature on-line now at CMF Public Media

Listen to the victors as CMF interviews two elected officials in Oviedo, Florida – Dominic Persampiere and Steve Henken. Each will continue for another 2-year term in their governing office for that city. Each stood unopposed and uncontested when candidate qualifying ended on September 2nd –  perhaps because no residents perceived the need for new city...
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The City of Oviedo Selected as One of Family Circle Magazine’s Ten Best Towns in America

July 2, 2011
The City of Oviedo Selected as One of Family Circle Magazine’s Ten Best Towns in America

Oviedo – Mayor Persampiere and the City Council proudly announced June 30, 2011, that Family Circle magazine selected Oviedo to be one of the TEN BEST TOWNS FOR FAMILIES. Oviedo was chosen as a perfect place to call home because of our top-notch schools, affordable housing, green-space, access to health care, low crime rates,...
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Twin Cities – Economic Development

May 25, 2011

On this Heard in Central Florida, you’ll hear remarks on the subject of economic development initiatives in the twin cities of Oviedo and Winter Springs, Florida, featured at the Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce members’ luncheon. Speakers at this event are Winter Springs mayor Charles Lacey; John Bush former Winter Springs mayor and...
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Historic Downtown Oviedo

March 16, 2011

Historic downtown Oviedo is described pejoratively by some as —dilapidated and hodgepodge-lodge like, or complimentary by others as —charming, quaint and authentic. (length 14:11)     Seated with the mayor in a city hall office less than a mile away from the geographic subject of this feature, Oviedo mayor Dominic Persampiere addresses the history...
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Oviedo on the Park

March 15, 2011

Oviedo on the Park is not a new project for the city though its development has been mired in challenges, not the least of which is the recessionary economy. But now the planets seem to be aligning in ways that suggest the presence of positive signs that this economic development venture is picking up...
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A Hospital in Oviedo’s Future?

February 16, 2011
Oviedo's Hospital Future?

Gaining a hospital facility in the city of Oviedo, Florida has been on the city’s economic development agenda for quite a while. It has been an arduous journey of regulations, permits, appeals, competition, setbacks and frustration. Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere and Jeff Gregg, the state’s bureau chief of Health Facility Regulation of the Agency...
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2010 State of the Cities: Oviedo & Winter Springs

February 3, 2011

The newest audio podcast in CMF Public Media’s Heard in Central Florida (HCF) series presents remarks offered at the 2010 State of the Cities address presented by the mayors of the city of Oviedo and Winter Springs, Florida, at the January 20th Oviedo Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce monthly membership luncheon. Speakers are Charles...
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Oviedo city charter changes

November 16, 2010
Dominic Persampiere, mayor, city of Oviedo (photo - CMF Public Media)

Hear Oviedo mayor Dominic Persampiere’s take on the passage of 4 out of 5 amendments to the city’s charter as voted by residents on November 2 (length -03:41)
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Mayor Persampiere, part-2

October 5, 2010
Mayor Persampiere title (photo + graphic - CMF Public Media)

Two months into his new job – Dominic Persampiere has long term plans for the short term he has remaining to serve as the new mayor of the City of Oviedo. He addresses those plans in part-2 of an interview recorded within weeks of him being thrust from deputy mayor to mayor as a...
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Local Homeowners Association Receives State Certification

October 1, 2010
Local Homeowners Association Receives State Certification

After almost one year in the formation process, the Oviedo Homeowners Presidents Assn. received State certification as a recognized City organization. The organization, founded in October 2009 by Chairman Bob Daday with 12 attendees, has blossomed to 36 members, representing 26 Oviedo HOA communities, representing 5,625 Oviedo households. Daday said, “our goal was always...
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